July 16, 2011

Sen wo kaku: 1st anniversary!

Hi!! As most of you have noticed, we have a new layout now to celebrate the 1st year of the website.I worked about one entire month on it and I'm really glad to open it public. The design was all restructured, built basically all in CSS, and the three main changes are:

1) There's a cool drawing board !
2) You can listen to the previews of the songs.
3) There's a new page, "Extra", which will have things added to in the future.

Besides the all Tadaima-based layout, drawn by Tomoko Saeki (check "About" page for more information on layout), each release got its own page with links for streaming and lyrics to each song. I just beg everyone not to use Internet Explorer!! Please!

This month we'll also have the 3rd anniversary of Yoeko's retirement, so please look forward for more updates! :)