April 24, 2012

Live DB

After almost 2 months of gathering information, designing and trying to figure out how a database works, I can finally announce a Yoeko Kurahashi live database will be open for everyone to check on April 30th.

It will be a wiki-based website with information of almost all the concerts Yoeko has been to, with details about setlist, live house and artists she shared the stage with. All the information was taken from blogs and forums around besides the usual support from Mr.Nyamco and Mr.Konohamoero. It's a free database that anyone will be able to edit and add information.
I picked April 30th so that it's the 4th anniversary of Yoeko's public announcement of retirement...

 I hope you enjoy it :)

April 15, 2012


Hi! You can now check more information and lyrics to "mawarimichi", a song Yoeko Kurahashi never released, but perfomed only once at Shimokitazawa440 live house. Romaji lyrics support from Nyamco-san!! Thanks :)


PS.: The database I mentioned in the previous post will be related to Yoeko live gigs! More information to come soon!

April 02, 2012

Lyrics - zangyou musume

Ohisashiburi! Finally a new demo track from Yoeko has been leaked into the internet some days ago. And quickly, Mr. Nyamco has provided romaji lyrics for this song, which you can find in the link below. Enjoy! Thanks Mr. Nyamco!

PS.: I'm currently working on a big database related to Yoeko. I'm giving more details away soon! Please look forward.