February 10, 2018

Country Color

Two days ago I received an email from someone using the contact form of this website. The first one in five years which was not a spam. It was from a girl living less than 100km from me thanking me for keeping the website up and mentioning it has been a reference place for her as a fan of Yoeko. That alone would have made my day, but she also mentioned machi (same person mentioned in my previous blog post -from 5 years ago-) wrote the theme song for a Chinese documentary series.

wo zhuzai zheli de liyou is a documentary series
on YouTube about Chinese living abroad.

The “wo zhuzai zheli de liyou” (The reason why I live here) series has COUNTRY COLOR by machi as theme song since early 2017. A package containing the song (+instrumental version +PDF file with lyrics) is available for purchase at this website, unfortunately payment can only be done using a Chinese bank account.
Not only machi’s singing voice is absurdly identical to Yoeko’s, the instrumental part resembles a lot songs like 卵とじ(tamagotoji) or ラブレター(love letter).

Although I am convinced she is back under this new pseudonym, I’m torn between adding the work with SasaNishiKa+Country Color to the website and waiting for an official-ish announcement connecting Yoeko and machi (that might never happen).

Parts of the song can be heard below, starting 2m48s.

theme song
 Country Color
music/lyrics/vocal machi
performance SasaNishiKa

Many thanks to the above-referenced Ms. Maria Tavares who was the reason why I finally updated this website after long five years :-)))))))))))))))))))))))