February 10, 2018

Country Color

Two days ago I received an email from someone using the contact form of this website. The first one in five years which was not a spam. It was from a girl living less than 100km from me thanking me for keeping the website up and mentioning it has been a reference place for her as a fan of Yoeko. That alone would have made my day, but she also mentioned machi (same person mentioned in my previous blog post -from 5 years ago-) wrote the theme song for a Chinese documentary series.

wo zhuzai zheli de liyou is a documentary series
on YouTube about Chinese living abroad.

The “wo zhuzai zheli de liyou” (The reason why I live here) series has COUNTRY COLOR by machi as theme song since early 2017. A package containing the song (+instrumental version +PDF file with lyrics) is available for purchase at this website, unfortunately payment can only be done using a Chinese bank account.
Not only machi’s singing voice is absurdly identical to Yoeko’s, the instrumental part resembles a lot songs like 卵とじ(tamagotoji) or ラブレター(love letter).

Although I am convinced she is back under this new pseudonym, I’m torn between adding the work with SasaNishiKa+Country Color to the website and waiting for an official-ish announcement connecting Yoeko and machi (that might never happen).

Parts of the song can be heard below, starting 2m48s.

theme song
 Country Color
music/lyrics/vocal machi
performance SasaNishiKa

Many thanks to the above-referenced Ms. Maria Tavares who was the reason why I finally updated this website after long five years :-)))))))))))))))))))))))


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know, as a fan I am excited to hear she's active again

Anonymous said...

This is so nice! I'm quite happy to know this website is not down still, so thank you for all the work inverted in here!

ham said...

Amazing! That has to be Yoeko's voice! I am glad to hear it once again and am hoping to hear more!

EJ said...

Hopefully my comment here can reach someone who can help... here goes nothing...


Good day reader! My name is EJ. I'm a fan of Yoeko who lives in Ontario, Canada!
I found out about her and her music in early 2017, when I stumbled upon her song Tomodachi no Uta by pure coincidence.
Ever since then her music has influenced me and my art (oh yeah, I'm a lousy art student) in so many ways.

Now here comes my actual issue...

This blog was an absolutely amazing resource for English-speaking Yoeko fans such as myself.
It's sort of sad to see the news archive is currently the only available page.
Moderator, If it's not to much to ask, can you please get the site back up and running?
It'd mean a lot to fans like me who really want to understand the meaning of Yoeko and her music.

TL;DR I'm a fairly new Yoeko fan who really loved this blog and I'm hoping to get it back up!

Thank you for reading! If anyone can get me in contact with the owner of the blog (Felipe..?) or if anyone else wants to simply talk about yoeko with me, contact me on twitter @123tamagotoji!!!

Anonymous said...

Yoeko fan is here ! I wonder is there anybody left on this blog but i'm glad that there is a blog in English ? My English is not really good so it's kinda hard for me to communicate TwT . From VietNam !!