November 27, 2011

Translation - jewelry

Hi. A new lyrics translation is available at Extra area! This time, the last song Yoeko Kurahashi has made, right after announcing the retirement. JEWELRY is originally only released in the best album "SHUUGAKUSHOU", but right before the last live DVD was released, the record label decided to release it as a digital single with a new artwork and coupling with "shohousen", another song released only on the best compilation. Please enjoy it!!

November 20, 2011

Kaitai Yoeko DVD Letter

Hey there! This has been one busy week, but I finally got to translate this thing. Back when Kaitai Yoeko DVD was released, about one year ago, I wrote a post to announce that one of the attached bonus of it would be a last letter from Yoeko with a serial number.
I just realized this post I wrote is still a draft that I never published, damn it!!

By the way, so yes, there was a letter inside it with a serial number that was written right before SHUUGAKUSHOU was released, around September, 2008. It was translated by me, that means it's not an accurate translation, but it's a nice reading for all the fans.

Available on PDF format through Extra area.

November 13, 2011

Translation - shizumeru machi

Hello! Here goes one more translation. This time a b-side! I must say this one was hard to do, and it doesn't make many sense at all... but I like it anyway!

If you found any mistake, don't hesitate to contact me, please use the contact form. Translations added to Extra area, enjoy.

November 06, 2011

Translation - sen wo kaku

Hey you! As promised, I bring you the first page from Extra area! This time it's a translation, but this section will be used for articles, translated interview and such. Anything that would not fit anywhere else. And guess what's the first translated lyrics! Yes! sen wo kaku, the song this website is named after.

I apologize beforehand for any mistakes, as I said before these translation are not accurate. Though if you found something wrong, please tell me! Use the contact form. Thanks.