January 26, 2012

Translation - tsubutsubu

butsubutsu! It is time for another new translation. I personally like these lyrics very much. They are very simple, yet very freaky!! Also, this is the first one coming from album 'MODERN GIRL'. Mr. Julian gave me a good help on this, thank you!

New addition to Discography

Happy new year!! (I know that's pretty late, but oh well)

Songs which title is 東京, TOKYO, TOKIO and similars registered on JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers) are as much as 264! Having that in mind, Victor Entertainment has gathered 13 of these songs into one brand new compilation, "Tokyo Compi".

Including artists such as GO!GO!7188 (I love them ♥), Quruli, GOING UNDER GROUND, Misako Odani and of course Yoeko Kurahashi, the release is set to March 7th.

More info about tracklist available at Discography > Others.