December 27, 2010

Website changes

Hello! I hope you had a nice Christmas! The year is ending and I wanted to fix something before 2011 comes. Before, if you clicked in a track of a CD from "Discography" page, you'd be redirected to a big page where you could see info about the song you chose and other ones too. This was a bit annoying, because you had to use scroll down to see other songs and so... Also, if you went to "Lyrics" page, you'd find the CD's cover arts with links to pages where all the songs from this CD were hosted, that way you could check lyrics for an entire CD, the bad part is that some songs are repeated in the discography and are in more than one CD, like TATE, which is in TATE single, TADAIMA album, OCHUUGEN album and SHUUGAKUSHOU best album... so I'd had to repeat the same lyrics for the page on TADAIMA, OCHUUGEN and SHUUGAKUSHOU, for example, this is a bit boring too!

So now I made a single page for each song in Yoeko Kurahashi's discography, if you click one song, you'll be redirected to the exclusive page of that song, where you'll be able to find info and lyrics on it, this took a while yes, but was worth it.

I know the setences above sounded a bit too geeky and kinda hard to understand, just keep in mind things will be nicer now when browsing the website :)

Also, I've searched a lot about some unreleased tracks from Yoeko, and I felt I had to talk about them one way or another, in here! So I made a new link to "Demos" that you can find on "Discography" page. Please take a look there, it's very interesting for any Yoeko hard fan, I just wish I had more information about them...

And last but not least: if you've browsed the website a little, you've noticed some information about certain songs are missing and marked with a "?". That means I tried my best, but could not find this info anywhere in the internet and also, that I don't own the CD where this info is provided, that's a shame, I know! I feel really bad about missing this kind of thing, but just can't help it... so I made things easier for people who wants to help this website to be a really big database of Yoeko Kurahashi works!! I did a nice form, that can be found here (provided by Email Me Form™) where you can send me this kind of missing stuff, or a suggestion, or a correction without needing to send me an email! :)

I know this post was kind of boring, but I've wasted almost the whole week doing these updates to make the website look nicer, and just felt like telling you...

Oh, I've noticed Media section is empty since ever, and I plan to make some uploads soon, just look forward it! Thanks for reading.

December 21, 2010

New Remastered Releases!

I received earlier today an email from CDJapan with great news for Yoeko fans, specially the new ones! Warner Music Japan is re-releasing Rei, Omoutsubo, Fujin'you, Ningen Yametemo and Modern Girl!!! These same items were also re-released in 2005 through Universal Music but are already out of print. I felt really glad myself with these news, because when I got to know Yoeko, those items were already out of print and I would have to spend more than 5,000 yen (or even more) for each of them, plus shipping and service taxes. The original prices were held and the releases are due to February 9th, 2011, but you can already preorder them. Also, all CDs received digitally 24 bit remastering, niiice.


Pre-order at:

Pre-order at:

Pre-order at:

Pre-order at:

Pre-order at:

Tokyo Piano was the only album not re-released yet, mainly because it was originally released under First Aid Network / Universal Music , and these above were under Warner Indies Network. But you can easily find it for digital download at iTunes Store Japan. The singles Tate and Tomodachi no uta are also out of print nowadays, but they were released under major label BabeStar (actually FlyingStar) and I don't think they're getting a re-release soon. :(

December 19, 2010

Lyrics Update!

Hey, it's been a while without updates, but I've been busy with my finals, well. I come with lyrics for Kaitai Piano and Tokyo Piano albums, unfortunately missing amefuri from Tokyo Piano... didn't find original lyrics for it :(

October 14, 2010

Lyrics Update

Hello!! They are up for a while now, but I haven't done a post to inform you about it... the lyrics for Omoutsubo, Ningen Yametemo and Modern Girl are here!

01 kahogo
02 mamagoto
03 kissa bossa
04 omoimeguri
05 omoutsubo
06 awarekagoi
07 houkagojidai
08 nakiyamezai
01 ningen yametemo
02 tokyo dodonpa musume
03 shabada☆tengoku
04 shizumeru machi
01 koi no daisousa
02 saiwaiya
03 tsubutsubu
04 amayadori
05 radio
06 tsubakisou
07 kissa scat
08 oningyou
09 M-9.tsuisekikei
10 ryuusei

September 24, 2010 publishes a special page about the DVD

Hello!! I'm sorry for all this time without posting..

The last live DVD was released on Japan already, and a few days before its release, it was announced that a last letter from Yoeko to her fans would be included in the DVD package. Earlier today, the website published a special page about the DVD, with new pictures, videos and an interview with the BabeStar's A&R Kumiko Yamamoto about the reasons why the DVD was released only after 2 years, above is a really rough translation of what is published here.

The website also published video previews for

The label's staff reveals the processes until the release of "Kaitai Yoeko Show"
As a conclusion (of the entire special page) about "Kaitai Yoeko Show", let's see a talk with the BabeStar Label's A&R staff Kumiko Yamamoto.

--Originally, the last live wasn't supposed to be released as a video, right?
Yes, at first we thought a special compilation would be broadcasted at SpaceShower TV only... when the best album was released we announced officially that there wouldn't be a DVD, and we heard from all fans things such "so, why there were cameras on there?". We were very sorry.

--And thanks to the fans petitions and signatures, also to start the commemorative 10th anniversary of Yoeko the DVD got plans to be released, isn't it?
Sure. the staffs thought "it's a good opportunity to get in touch", at that time the production staff was already dissolved, we didn't even have the contact adress of Yoeko (lol). When we finally found it and told her about the petitions, she was like "all these people are working on for me??", she was surprised. And then she said "I wanna watch the last live DVD, too!", and that was enough.

--Were there any problems concerning the release?
Because production staff dissolved at that time, it was hard finding the original video. Afterall, it was a video recorded only by the staffs. And then, the assembly hall was very old, so that, there wasn't a good recording sound either... Back then, we really thought there were no reasons to release this DVD. But the fans were like "Anyway, I want to watch the whole live", so that's how we started the production of it.

--Did Yoeko watch it before?
No, until the progress schedule wasn't finally done (around early September), she hasn't.

--But, she was looking forward it, wasn't she?
Sure. now she's retired from being a musician, but she still has the same spirit, both Yoeko and the fans are going to enjoy it.

September 02, 2010

live dvd contents and important notice from BabeStar label

BabeStar label has just released the official contents of the "kaitai yoeko show" DVD as the following:


[DISC 1]
Special Edit
- An edit of the 30-min TV broadcasted program with the highlights on the last live.
- The rehearsal of the last live, done just before the gig.
- "naranai piano" music video.

[DISC 2]
- The full "Kanshateki Kaitai Yoeko Show" compilation, held on Tokyo Kinema Club July 20th, 2008.

Important notice from BabeStar
"At first, there were no plans to make the last live into a video. Kurahashi was truly sorry about that towards her fans. However, thanks to the fans hard work, it was possible to make this into a video after 2 years of wait. Consequently, there are parts on the DVD where the audio doesn't have a good quality or the video is a bit shaking. But still, we wanted the fans to have this item. When buying, please keep the above-mentioned in mind in advance."

August 26, 2010

DVD jacket + lyrics and discography update

The "kaitai yoeko show" DVD's art cover was recently published through some webstores, so I did a quick update on its information at Discography! As you can see here. I'm still waiting for the official tracklist to be announced, but as far as we know, it's going to pack the entire setlist as well as the promotional video for "naranai piano", as posted previously. The cover art is pretty simple yet so Yoeko. It brings a self-portrait of Yoeko dressed just like the Kaitai Yoeko tour performances. Now that we are less than one month far from the release date, we are getting more information little by little, and I'll post them here as soon as I got any! Look forward it!

"fujin'you" lyrics
I've added lyrics in romaji for 9 (from 10) tracks on "fujin'you" album. The track "doki no uta" is an instrumental.

08 doki no uta

PS: okaerinasai, as reported out of print in this post, is available again for order at audio-grafico website!! (doesn't ship outside Japan, though..)

August 21, 2010

"naranai piano" PV + "shohousen/jewelry" chakuuta

Yoeko's official website at BabeStar label has recently announced the promotional video of "naranai piano" will be featured in the "kaitai yoeko show" DVD, due to the many fan requests and because this was the only PV not included in "the☆kyouken hit parade" DVD, released on July 25th, 2007. This is the only PV that will be included on the DVD.

Also, the two new songs from "shuugakushou" (released on September 17th 2008) will be available for Chakuuta (songs downloadable from japanese cellphones) from 8/25 on, they are "shohousen/jewelry". A special cover art was made for it also. They can be downloaded from (available only in Japan).

August 05, 2010

"kaitai yoeko show" dvd available at CDJapan

This morning I received an email from CDJapan saying my favorite artist has a new release. Yes, the "kaitai yoeko show" made it to CDJapan/Neowing, a new choice for us, customers outside Japan, to have this brilliant DVD release. What is really interesting about it, it's that CDJapan/Neowing wrote a new review about the release, with more details:

2 years from dismantling (kaitai). Due to the many signatures and petitions done, finally the full Yoeko Kurahashi last live will be materialized into a DVD!! The musical selection was made from her famous pieces born from a 8-year career, masterpieces included! Yoeko Kurahashi's new song "jewelry" included in her last album/best "shuugakushou" are included. The song she's said "the first song written for someone" composed after the retirement decision "rondo" is included, and yet the rare songs "jitensha" and "lemon cake" will be included. Compositions from the indies era which are already out of print are there also! The PV proud of 520,000 views on NicoNico Douga/Youtube "yona yona yona" is included. Photos from all the 6 places where "kanshateki kaitai yoeko tour" was held+Yoeko Kurahashi's commentary mini-magazines will be in the booklet.

So, it's the complete concert indeed, in a 2discs DVD with a running time of 160 minutes.

Pre-order outside Japan available at: CDJapan (¥7,619), HMV (¥6,321), (¥5,638)

Although Amazon is the cheapest between them, it carries the most expensive shipping (at least to my place, Brazil). HMV is the cheapest overall for me, but CDJapan has lots of discount coupons campaigns which might be worth it!

August 03, 2010

"kaitai yoeko show" dvd 3rd bonus announcement + lyrics update

So, it looks like Yoeko Kurahashi's label website is announcing the last live DVD features weekly, this time they came up with the 3rd series of bonus. It's going to be 2 mini-magazines that were released previously on 2007 and 2008, with the release of "iroiro" and "shuugakushou", respectively. The 1st one "aru onna no ikikata" (a woman's way of life), talks about Yoeko's musical directions and life, the 2nd "aru kashu ga haigyou suru made" (a singer's retirement) is the continuation and talks about her trajectory from debut until the retirement. Both of them are written by herself and resemble the old Showa (Japanese era until 1989) publications.


[3rd featured bonus announcement]
•mini-magazine "aru onna no ikikata"
•mini magazine "aru kashu ga haigyou suru made"

"rei" lyrics
I've added lyrics in romaji for 5 (from 7) tracks on "rei" album. Unfortunately, I couldn't find kanji sources of the song "anata no atashi", and the track "kyouken" is instrumental.

You can either access them through lyrics > rei or through lyrics > search by title feature.

July 30, 2010

"kaitai yoeko show" dvd 2nd bonus announced + sold out note

As I've said before, the upcoming DVD "kaitai yoeko show" will carry featured bonuses that will be slowly announced by her label, FlyingStar (former BabeStar). The 1st one, was a set of mini-signatures packed on 47 random DVDs. This time, it was announced that a photoalbum with pictures from the 6 places where Yoeko performed the last tour "kanshateki kaitai yoeko tour" (officially translated as "Grateful Dead Tour") into the booklet. It's not specified if it's either a limited amount or if it will be available in all the copies.


[1st featured bonus announcement]
47 Yoeko's favorite dishes signatures

[2nd featured bonus announcement]
Photoalbum with Grateful Dead Tour's 6 avenues pictures

As for the sold out note, the "okaerinasai" single (originally from 2000), which was reissued on 2008 by audio-grafico is currently sold out, sadly. I recently emailed them about overseas shipping, and they said "no".. nice. This makes me sad since I already had a few chances of obtaining it, and now those few chances equal zero. I'm still trying to figure out how to obtain "kaizoku piano" album for a not so unfair amount of money, still available at the same webstore. Help anyone?

July 28, 2010

"tadaima" lyrics

I've added lyrics in romaji for all the tracks on "tadaima" album!

You can either access them through lyrics > tadaima or through lyrics > search by title feature.

July 26, 2010

albums description

Just updated the discography > albums page with detailed information about each of the following:

There are actually some interesting facts about them, that I didn't know myself before searching hard! Do you know who the 'attraction girl' is?

July 25, 2010

singles description

I've updated yesterday the discography > singles with detailed description of the following singles:

If you notice any mistake, please contact me at or comment in this post I'd gladly credit you for it, thanks.

July 24, 2010

live dvd "kaitai yoeko show"

After many petitions sent to Victor Entertainment label, the "Grateful Dead Yoeko Tour" will finally become a DVD, 2 years later! The gig held at Tokyo Kinema Club on 2008.07.20 and some valuable bonuses will be released as a DVD on Yoeko's birthday. They will carry some extra feature that will be slowly announced by FlyingStar Records. The 1st set of announced bonus will be a set of 47 coloured mini-signatures with Yoeko's favorite foods written on it randomly packed into the DVDs. The 2-discs set DVD will have a limited pressing, so better pre-order it now!
The tracklist was not announced yet, but here is the setlist of the gig:

01 shiroi hata
02 naranai piano
03 kanshateki seikatsu
04 tamagotoji
05 aiai
06 torarekei
07 kahogo
08 shiro no sekai
09 mannequin ningen
10 tomodachi no uta
11 son to uso
12 yona yona yona
13 haru no uta
14 natsu
15 ningen yametemo
16 koi no daisousa
17 hanaichimonme
18 rondo
19 medley (jitensha~radio~lemon cake~love letter~mori e yuku~tsuyuiro kouta)
20 shizumeru machi
21 jewelry
----ENCORE 2----
22 izonshou ~let's go! high heel~
23 tokyo
24 tate

Catalog #.: VIBB-11~12
Discs: 2
Price: 8,000 yen (tax in)
limited pressing

pre-order available at: HMV store

sen wo kaku

Hello! Welcome to the 1st english language Yoeko Kurahashi's fansite!! That's actually my first post here, and I hope from here on I can update this website regularly. The reason why I made this website is mainly concerning the lack of information about this awesome singer in the webs, even in japanese (I believe this is the first english website about her). The page isn't all done yet (lyrics and media missing), but I hope to update them little by little. As I didn't have any english source to make this, I had to translate the content all myself, so there might be errors and missing info, if you find any please contact me, I'd gladly fix it and credit you! As for now, that's it, I hope you enjoy here. See you!