August 21, 2010

"naranai piano" PV + "shohousen/jewelry" chakuuta

Yoeko's official website at BabeStar label has recently announced the promotional video of "naranai piano" will be featured in the "kaitai yoeko show" DVD, due to the many fan requests and because this was the only PV not included in "the☆kyouken hit parade" DVD, released on July 25th, 2007. This is the only PV that will be included on the DVD.

Also, the two new songs from "shuugakushou" (released on September 17th 2008) will be available for Chakuuta (songs downloadable from japanese cellphones) from 8/25 on, they are "shohousen/jewelry". A special cover art was made for it also. They can be downloaded from (available only in Japan).

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