August 03, 2010

"kaitai yoeko show" dvd 3rd bonus announcement + lyrics update

So, it looks like Yoeko Kurahashi's label website is announcing the last live DVD features weekly, this time they came up with the 3rd series of bonus. It's going to be 2 mini-magazines that were released previously on 2007 and 2008, with the release of "iroiro" and "shuugakushou", respectively. The 1st one "aru onna no ikikata" (a woman's way of life), talks about Yoeko's musical directions and life, the 2nd "aru kashu ga haigyou suru made" (a singer's retirement) is the continuation and talks about her trajectory from debut until the retirement. Both of them are written by herself and resemble the old Showa (Japanese era until 1989) publications.


[3rd featured bonus announcement]
•mini-magazine "aru onna no ikikata"
•mini magazine "aru kashu ga haigyou suru made"

"rei" lyrics
I've added lyrics in romaji for 5 (from 7) tracks on "rei" album. Unfortunately, I couldn't find kanji sources of the song "anata no atashi", and the track "kyouken" is instrumental.

You can either access them through lyrics > rei or through lyrics > search by title feature.

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