July 30, 2010

"kaitai yoeko show" dvd 2nd bonus announced + sold out note

As I've said before, the upcoming DVD "kaitai yoeko show" will carry featured bonuses that will be slowly announced by her label, FlyingStar (former BabeStar). The 1st one, was a set of mini-signatures packed on 47 random DVDs. This time, it was announced that a photoalbum with pictures from the 6 places where Yoeko performed the last tour "kanshateki kaitai yoeko tour" (officially translated as "Grateful Dead Tour") into the booklet. It's not specified if it's either a limited amount or if it will be available in all the copies.


[1st featured bonus announcement]
47 Yoeko's favorite dishes signatures

[2nd featured bonus announcement]
Photoalbum with Grateful Dead Tour's 6 avenues pictures

As for the sold out note, the "okaerinasai" single (originally from 2000), which was reissued on 2008 by audio-grafico is currently sold out, sadly. I recently emailed them about overseas shipping, and they said "no".. nice. This makes me sad since I already had a few chances of obtaining it, and now those few chances equal zero. I'm still trying to figure out how to obtain "kaizoku piano" album for a not so unfair amount of money, still available at the same webstore. Help anyone?

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