July 30, 2010

"kaitai yoeko show" dvd 2nd bonus announced + sold out note

As I've said before, the upcoming DVD "kaitai yoeko show" will carry featured bonuses that will be slowly announced by her label, FlyingStar (former BabeStar). The 1st one, was a set of mini-signatures packed on 47 random DVDs. This time, it was announced that a photoalbum with pictures from the 6 places where Yoeko performed the last tour "kanshateki kaitai yoeko tour" (officially translated as "Grateful Dead Tour") into the booklet. It's not specified if it's either a limited amount or if it will be available in all the copies.


[1st featured bonus announcement]
47 Yoeko's favorite dishes signatures

[2nd featured bonus announcement]
Photoalbum with Grateful Dead Tour's 6 avenues pictures

As for the sold out note, the "okaerinasai" single (originally from 2000), which was reissued on 2008 by audio-grafico is currently sold out, sadly. I recently emailed them about overseas shipping, and they said "no".. nice. This makes me sad since I already had a few chances of obtaining it, and now those few chances equal zero. I'm still trying to figure out how to obtain "kaizoku piano" album for a not so unfair amount of money, still available at the same webstore. Help anyone?

July 28, 2010

"tadaima" lyrics

I've added lyrics in romaji for all the tracks on "tadaima" album!

You can either access them through lyrics > tadaima or through lyrics > search by title feature.

July 26, 2010

albums description

Just updated the discography > albums page with detailed information about each of the following:

There are actually some interesting facts about them, that I didn't know myself before searching hard! Do you know who the 'attraction girl' is?

July 25, 2010

singles description

I've updated yesterday the discography > singles with detailed description of the following singles:

If you notice any mistake, please contact me at the.leading.hitter@gmail.com or comment in this post I'd gladly credit you for it, thanks.

July 24, 2010

live dvd "kaitai yoeko show"

After many petitions sent to Victor Entertainment label, the "Grateful Dead Yoeko Tour" will finally become a DVD, 2 years later! The gig held at Tokyo Kinema Club on 2008.07.20 and some valuable bonuses will be released as a DVD on Yoeko's birthday. They will carry some extra feature that will be slowly announced by FlyingStar Records. The 1st set of announced bonus will be a set of 47 coloured mini-signatures with Yoeko's favorite foods written on it randomly packed into the DVDs. The 2-discs set DVD will have a limited pressing, so better pre-order it now!
The tracklist was not announced yet, but here is the setlist of the gig:

01 shiroi hata
02 naranai piano
03 kanshateki seikatsu
04 tamagotoji
05 aiai
06 torarekei
07 kahogo
08 shiro no sekai
09 mannequin ningen
10 tomodachi no uta
11 son to uso
12 yona yona yona
13 haru no uta
14 natsu
15 ningen yametemo
16 koi no daisousa
17 hanaichimonme
18 rondo
19 medley (jitensha~radio~lemon cake~love letter~mori e yuku~tsuyuiro kouta)
20 shizumeru machi
21 jewelry
----ENCORE 2----
22 izonshou ~let's go! high heel~
23 tokyo
24 tate

Catalog #.: VIBB-11~12
Discs: 2
Price: 8,000 yen (tax in)
limited pressing

pre-order available at: HMV store

sen wo kaku

Hello! Welcome to the 1st english language Yoeko Kurahashi's fansite!! That's actually my first post here, and I hope from here on I can update this website regularly. The reason why I made this website is mainly concerning the lack of information about this awesome singer in the webs, even in japanese (I believe this is the first english website about her). The page isn't all done yet (lyrics and media missing), but I hope to update them little by little. As I didn't have any english source to make this, I had to translate the content all myself, so there might be errors and missing info, if you find any please contact me, I'd gladly fix it and credit you! As for now, that's it, I hope you enjoy here. See you!