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Two days ago I received an email from someone using the contact form of this website. The first one in five years which was not a spam. It was from a girl living less than 100km from me thanking me for keeping the website up and mentioning it has been a reference place for her as a fan of Yoeko. That alone would have made my day, but she also mentioned machi (same person mentioned in my previous blog post -from 5 years ago-) wrote the theme song for a Chinese documentary series.

wo zhuzai zheli de liyou is a documentary series
on YouTube about Chinese living abroad.

The “wo zhuzai zheli de liyou” (The reason why I live here) series has COUNTRY COLOR by machi as theme song since early 2017. A package containing the song (+instrumental version +PDF file with lyrics) is available for purchase at this website, unfortunately payment can only be done using a Chinese bank account.
Not only machi’s singing voice is absurdly identical to Yoeko’s, the instrumental part resembles a lot songs like 卵とじ(tamagotoji) or ラブレター(love letter).

Although I am convinced she is back under this new pseudonym, I’m torn between adding the work with SasaNishiKa+Country Color to the website and waiting for an official-ish announcement connecting Yoeko and machi (that might never happen).

Parts of the song can be heard below, starting 2m48s.

theme song
 Country Color
music/lyrics/vocal machi
performance SasaNishiKa

Many thanks to the above-referenced Ms. Maria Tavares who was the reason why I finally updated this website after long five years :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

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Hi! Happy new year!! Being busy and the lack of news about Yoeko made me take long to update the website again :( 

SasaNishiKa's debut album "※".
A few weeks ago some rumours spread online on discussion boards like 2ch forums and communities about a voice very similar to Kurahashi's being featured in some tracks of the recently debuted band SasaNishiKa.

The tracks are included in their debut album "" (reference mark), which was released the past December 20th. 

The record's liner notes lists Shinjiro Yamato and machi as guest vocals. Shinjiro Yamato is a Gunma prefecture born vocalist from The Funderfuls band. As for machi, there isn't any kind of information anywhere! I, myself, asked the band's staff for more information about her and they said they are not able to give out details on artists not attached to their record label… :(

Previews for the tracks "machi" is featured can be heard below. ;)

01 wabi-sabi 

02 parade 

08 curtain call 

Could "machi" be a new Yoeko Kurahashi's pseudonym? :3
Is she coming back from retirement?

SasaNishiKa's line-up consists of former Gymnopedie (a japanese jazz band, 2001-2008) members: Ayako Kawasaki (drums), Saori Sasazawa (piano) and Hiroki Nishi (guitar).

The album can be purchased at Studio Leda CD Shop. For international (outside Japan) orders, please use their contact form.

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Lyrics - koi no airport

オヒサシブリ!Thank you for all the visits on Yoeko Live DB! It's now up for 2 months, please keep adding info up :)
A new link called "セトリ不明" (unknown setlist) was added for easier reference on which pages need further contribution. Please have it a check.

Now back to updates! I have added lyrics to "KOI NO AIRPORT". According to "KAIZOKU PIANO" booklet, this was the first version of "KOI NO DAISOUSA", the track included in this album had the vocals taken from some early recording and mixed with the arrangement of the version present on "MODERN GIRL" album.

koi no koi no koi no koi no eapoooooooto!~♬


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Live DB

After almost 2 months of gathering information, designing and trying to figure out how a database works, I can finally announce a Yoeko Kurahashi live database will be open for everyone to check on April 30th.

It will be a wiki-based website with information of almost all the concerts Yoeko has been to, with details about setlist, live house and artists she shared the stage with. All the information was taken from blogs and forums around besides the usual support from Mr.Nyamco and Mr.Konohamoero. It's a free database that anyone will be able to edit and add information.
I picked April 30th so that it's the 4th anniversary of Yoeko's public announcement of retirement...

 I hope you enjoy it :)


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Hi! You can now check more information and lyrics to "mawarimichi", a song Yoeko Kurahashi never released, but perfomed only once at Shimokitazawa440 live house. Romaji lyrics support from Nyamco-san!! Thanks :)


PS.: The database I mentioned in the previous post will be related to Yoeko live gigs! More information to come soon!

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Lyrics - zangyou musume

Ohisashiburi! Finally a new demo track from Yoeko has been leaked into the internet some days ago. And quickly, Mr. Nyamco has provided romaji lyrics for this song, which you can find in the link below. Enjoy! Thanks Mr. Nyamco!

PS.: I'm currently working on a big database related to Yoeko. I'm giving more details away soon! Please look forward.

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Perfect Oil CM

Hi! Media sections was finally updated with links for TV-ads from Kao's Bioré Perfect Oil aired during 2006 with narration provided by Yoeko Kurahashi! Two different versions were shot, one with Akiko Kikuchi in the main role, and the other with Rena Takeshita. The songs are slightly different, there's a version for Mascara and Concealer. These ads were very popular in Japan back then, and many people wondered whose the singing voice was. Actually, this was the second nation-wide CM Yoeko sang for. The first one was for cough drops from Nanten Nodoame, featuring Emi Hashino.... but I never got the chance to watch/listen to it :(


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