July 01, 2023

Welcome back

I never really thought I would be writing about this, but Yoeko just announced on Twitter that she will resume her activities under the name "Yoeko" (no Kurahashi) after exactly 15 years since she announced her retirement. The announcement was made on Twitter. 

(click to download PDF version) 

This website was first published (also) exactly 13 years ago (July 2010), and a lot has happened during this time... For me, listening to and making a website about Yoeko is one of those teenage hobbies that we lose touch with as we mature. Yes, I still listen to the music I did back when I was that age... some because I still enjoy it, and some because it gives me that feeling of going back to a very specific cherished time in the past.

After learning from a person close to her about some of the reasons why she retired, it made me sad to the point where it has been hard to enjoy her music again ever since.

This announcement makes me glad on a different level than just the "I'm really looking forward to listening to new songs from this artist" level. I'm genuinely happy that this person who brought so much joy to my teenage self is comfortable with showing her art again.

I feel like there is a point in life where the music we love is not as interesting anymore, the friends we made are not as reachable as they used to be, and that makes us end up losing a little bit of ourselves along the way - maybe that's what getting old means. These news kind of brought back a small piece of me from that time. Welcome back :) 


EGPWonderChef said...

Thank you for your hard work on the website. This site is the only reason I was able to understand her work at all when I first heard her music so many years ago.

The recent announcement brought me back here and makes me indescribably happy.

Drew Buss said...

What were the reasons? If you don't mind me asking