July 15, 2023

New AL tracklist announced!

Yoeko's staff Twitter announced yesterday that the new official website is finally online! Besides that, the new album cover and tracklist were also made public.

As mentioned before, similarly to 2006's Ochuugen, the tracklist consists of self-covers and a new song.
The album cover features the same drawing from the promotional picture, by Miyo Tsuchiya.

Yoeko mentions that all tracks were arranged by Bin Sugawara, from Re-Trick (a Japanese band self-described as an "aggressive jazz trio"), and that depending on the album demand/purchases she would be planning a "New Yoeko Part II".

The online store shall open in 5 days with the album pre-order and some other goods (T-shirt, keychain, ecobag and more) produced by Andorinha

Yoeko "New Yoeko"

Pre-order starts: July 20
Release date: September 20
Media: CD
Catalog number: NWYK-0001
Price: 3000 JPY
Label: Craques Onze
Distribution: PCI MUSIC
01 tomodachi no uta (4 beat version)
(from AL kaitai piano, 2008)
02 yona yona yona
(from AL fujinyou, 2002)
03 tamagotoji
(from AL tadaima, 2005)
04 hiru no tsuki
(from AL tadaima, 2005)
05 kyou mo ame
(from AL iroiro, 2006)
06 dopamine
(new song)

07 tate
(from AL tadaima, 2005)
*Includes a special making of video, not specified in which media format*

I think it's a good sign to see songs from her Warner and Victor era being covered in this album. For me it means that, first of all, there are no legal restrictions in regards to her old material. Except for... her "lost" First Aid Network album Tokyo Piano, which was the only one that never got reissued and is the only one still missing from streaming platforms.
That also shows that, from an artistic point of view, this new Yoeko is ready to re-visit her Kurahashi days. <3

Total random fact, I'm specially happy to see some words from my native language featured in this post... Andorinha (goods maker) is Portuguese for swallow bird, and Craques Onze (record label) could be translated to... Soccer star (jersey number) eleven. :-)

Source: [Official Twitter] [Official Website] [Online Store]

EDIT: I'm not even sure if anyone still visits this, but I forgot to mention that I'm preparing a new website layout to celebrate this new era! It's meant to feature some more up-to-date web elements and this should make it easier to navigate via web and mobile browsers. Yes it will be just as ugly as this one or even more!


Anonymous said...

Woo!! ^o^

EJ said...

Thank you so much for hosting this page and sharing Yoeko news! So excited to buy this album :3

Yoiti said...

Eu acabei de descobrir que a Yoeko voltou à ativa e a primeira coisa que lembrei foi desse site! Cara, eu lembro quando descobri as músicas da Yoeko lá por 2013 e esse site foi muito útil, mais engraçado foi descobrir que ele foi feito por um brasileiro também! Espero acompanhar essa nova fase dela por aqui e muito obrigado por seu trabalho até agora!

Abraços de um (espero que de muitos) fã brasileiro de Yoeko Kurahashi!

SimonARG said...
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