December 11, 2011

Translation - seesaw

Hi! This week I come from another translation from TADAIMA album! There's nothing else much to say... Does anyone have any suggestion for translated lyrics? :D Please email me or comment here if so!

December 05, 2011

Translation - mannequin ningen

Ay! New translation is available at Extra area. Another b-side! (I love b-sides).This one particularly, was released afterwards in an album with a new version. It describes well the average content of Yoeko lyrics, usually about self-deprecation and daily duties. I hope you enjoy it!!

November 27, 2011

Translation - jewelry

Hi. A new lyrics translation is available at Extra area! This time, the last song Yoeko Kurahashi has made, right after announcing the retirement. JEWELRY is originally only released in the best album "SHUUGAKUSHOU", but right before the last live DVD was released, the record label decided to release it as a digital single with a new artwork and coupling with "shohousen", another song released only on the best compilation. Please enjoy it!!

November 20, 2011

Kaitai Yoeko DVD Letter

Hey there! This has been one busy week, but I finally got to translate this thing. Back when Kaitai Yoeko DVD was released, about one year ago, I wrote a post to announce that one of the attached bonus of it would be a last letter from Yoeko with a serial number.
I just realized this post I wrote is still a draft that I never published, damn it!!

By the way, so yes, there was a letter inside it with a serial number that was written right before SHUUGAKUSHOU was released, around September, 2008. It was translated by me, that means it's not an accurate translation, but it's a nice reading for all the fans.

Available on PDF format through Extra area.

November 13, 2011

Translation - shizumeru machi

Hello! Here goes one more translation. This time a b-side! I must say this one was hard to do, and it doesn't make many sense at all... but I like it anyway!

If you found any mistake, don't hesitate to contact me, please use the contact form. Translations added to Extra area, enjoy.

November 06, 2011

Translation - sen wo kaku

Hey you! As promised, I bring you the first page from Extra area! This time it's a translation, but this section will be used for articles, translated interview and such. Anything that would not fit anywhere else. And guess what's the first translated lyrics! Yes! sen wo kaku, the song this website is named after.

I apologize beforehand for any mistakes, as I said before these translation are not accurate. Though if you found something wrong, please tell me! Use the contact form. Thanks.

October 30, 2011

Densenkyou DVD

Hi!! I think that was the longest time without any updates, but you know what happens when school, work and laziness decide to take a piece of you at the same time! :( I came to announce some minor updates, but I hope I can come back to post something else before you decide to never open this website again (maybe you already did...).

Discography area was updated with Kyoto Tower Densenkyou DVD, something I just knew of the existence some days ago, surfing in some auction website. This is actually a very rare DVD, and I've already posted the "full" Yoeko performance in the Media area a while ago. "Full" because the DVD itself doesn't include the complete Yoeko's performance. You can find more information about it clicking here.

Besides doing some minor updates I already forgot, I'm also trying to get some random lyrics of Yoeko translated into English, with my poor and awkward japanese skills. They should be posted sometime soon in the Extra area, but I can say beforehand they won't be accurate and ask help in advance. If someone wants to help me in that quest, please write me in the Contact Form. :)

There are no news about Yoeko or whatever related to her these days... which is very sad, but that's supposed to happen when someone retires... Some kind soul could at least leak some other unreleased demo, who knows? (倉ヨエデモ集の持つ方へのお願いです( ̄人 ̄))

That's all! Happy Halloween!

July 16, 2011

Sen wo kaku: 1st anniversary!

Hi!! As most of you have noticed, we have a new layout now to celebrate the 1st year of the website.I worked about one entire month on it and I'm really glad to open it public. The design was all restructured, built basically all in CSS, and the three main changes are:

1) There's a cool drawing board !
2) You can listen to the previews of the songs.
3) There's a new page, "Extra", which will have things added to in the future.

Besides the all Tadaima-based layout, drawn by Tomoko Saeki (check "About" page for more information on layout), each release got its own page with links for streaming and lyrics to each song. I just beg everyone not to use Internet Explorer!! Please!

This month we'll also have the 3rd anniversary of Yoeko's retirement, so please look forward for more updates! :)

June 23, 2011

Kanashii Oshaberi lyrics

Hi! Since my last post, I had some great time as a Yoeko fan. I finally heard for the first time the albums "Kaizoku Piano" and "Okaerinasai", and also the demo track "kanashii oshaberi". I've been looking for these since forever! And I just couldn't not add lyrics for it (the demo track). Please find them in the lyrics page, or click the link below:

May 29, 2011

Lyrics update

Hello! It's been a long time since my last post, but there are not much news on Yoeko lately. Though, I finally came to listen to two songs of Yoeko I haven't heard before, they are miteru dake and nakanaori wa taifuu ni notte, an unreleased demo. This last title is one of the songs Yoeko composed before debuting and it was kept away from internet since not long ago, when it leaked on NicoNico Douga. To learn more about Yoeko demos please check this page. It's very interesting!

I also got romaji for both songs, as you can check below:

Please enjoy!!

March 03, 2011

Densenkyou @ Kyoto Tower

Hello! It's been one month since the last update! But I came to bring good news, for those who were waiting the page "media" to be updated. So let's start it in a good way, with a very rare live video of Yoeko, a mini-live held inside the Kyoto Tower, which I found these days in Niconico Douga (credit goes to anonymous who uploaded this!). So give it a try, click media and download the video from Mediafire. The password is there, too. Some songs in this concert are not full, but most of them are. Still, it's a nice video with songs from Tokyo Piano and earlier played solo in keyboard.

PS: I've also added lyrics for the only missing song in Tokyo Piano, "amefuri". You can check it in lyrics page.

January 27, 2011

More about remastered releases + Lyrics update

Warner Music Japan has officially announced the campaign on the 5 remastered releases from Yoeko, as well as the actual seal that will be sticked in the CDs, as you can see in the left. The promotion will be available from the release date until 2011.06.30 (the postage date will be checked) and all you have to do is to gather 5 seals, no mather if you bought 2 "omoutsubo" and 3 "fujin'you", it's still 5, since the seal design is the same for all the 5 releases. The envelope has to contain: 1. the 5 seals, 2. your postal code, 3. address, 4. your name and 5. your telephone number in a sheet inside. More information can be checked here. The pins will be sent approx. 2 or 3 weeks after your letter has arrived in their office. I live in Brazil and wanted to make sure if I wouldn't lose the seals (yes, I keep everything that comes in a japanese CD, even the protection plastic and its seals) sending them to Japan and getting nothing in return, so I sent them an email and got this reply:


That basically says they unfortunately WON'T ship it to me because I live in Brazil. And that I could ask a friend of mine in Japan to do so. I should reply back asking him to be friends with me because I have no friends in Japan at all. GRRR.

Also, I've made romaji for these 3 songs:

I'd like to thank Mr. arruu2000 for providing me lyrics to the demo "higurashi ni tsuite", which is indeed very rare!

January 23, 2011

Re-releases application gifts and score book

I've reported one month ago about Yoeko's early releases being re-released and remastered as you can see here. A few days ago Warner Music Japan oficially announced the releases as well as a new Yoeko self-portrait and an extra gift. Each of the 5 releases will have a sticker on the cover saying「リマスタリング音源です〜」 (It's remastered!), all the people who gather all the 5 stickers and send to the given address will receive an "original 5-set pin" of each release, as you can see below:

It does say everyone who send the stickers will get the present, but I'm not sure if they'd send them outside Japan, I hope so...

Also, according to Mr. Konohamoero, the scorebook "Piano Hikigatari Best" will be also re-released, as you can check here. It seems that the book publisher is a big fan of Yoeko Kurahashi and made some efforts for it to be reissued.

January 06, 2011

Random lyrics update!

Hey! This week I did a lot of romaji of songs out of the original albums, so now there's almost 100% of the lyrics up. I've found out too that the song "蛙の歌" (frog's song) from 'shuugakushou' album and 'yoidore shijin ni naru mae ni' album is actually 'kawazu no uta' and not 'kaeru no uta' as I thought before, the kanji for frog has at least 3 ways of pronunciation! So here are the new updated lyrics:

That also makes 'shuugakushou' album complete, too!

January 02, 2011

discography + romaji

Happy new year everyone!! Thanks everybody for the visit, and specially the people from Japan, who are the top visitor of this website, even though it's in english, a huge thanks to you all, 日本の皆様へ「明けまして御目出度ふ 本当に有り難う御座います」. I wish I could translate this website to japanese, someday! So let's begin with the updates. Added romaji lyrics for both, IROIRO album and SON TO USO single. So now, all the original albums have been romanized!

I've made also a big update on the page "discography > others", which details Yoeko's works outside her discography, please take a look there!