May 29, 2011

Lyrics update

Hello! It's been a long time since my last post, but there are not much news on Yoeko lately. Though, I finally came to listen to two songs of Yoeko I haven't heard before, they are miteru dake and nakanaori wa taifuu ni notte, an unreleased demo. This last title is one of the songs Yoeko composed before debuting and it was kept away from internet since not long ago, when it leaked on NicoNico Douga. To learn more about Yoeko demos please check this page. It's very interesting!

I also got romaji for both songs, as you can check below:

Please enjoy!!


M.Marech said...

Felipe, did you think about adding some kind of forum to this website?

I consider myself as a Kurahashi fan by now and I would like to talk with other fans about their favourite tracks or something like that.

M.Marech said...

Oh, something else I forgot to ask, is there a good source for some translations of Kurahashi's songs? I would like to go beyond "they sound good".

Felipe said...

Hello M.Marech! I've already considered a kind of forum about Yoeko... but I don't think many people would useit, not in English. But I'm not sure, I like to meet Yoeko fans too, that's something to think about. About the translations, sorry.. I don't think such a website exists. If my japanese was a bit better, I could help you.

Do you have some kind of contact? An email or messenger? It would be nice to talk to another Yoeko fan!