December 11, 2011

Translation - seesaw

Hi! This week I come from another translation from TADAIMA album! There's nothing else much to say... Does anyone have any suggestion for translated lyrics? :D Please email me or comment here if so!


T said...

Hi! I sent an e-mail about a month ago but I don't know if you received it or not.. This site has two songs translated into English, maybe you could ask them to translate more? Also this site has several songs translated into Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you!
How are you?

I'm a Japanese. I live in Sizuoka Pref.

I like Yoeko Kurahasi very much too!

Your website is very fascinate for me.

I uploaded Yoeko Live data(mp3) ->

If you don't know this live, you may be amazed at this live.


Felipe said...

T>> Wow! I didn't know there were more translated songs from Yoeko around in the internets! Thank you so much!! Though I can't understand chinese lol. Really liked these lyrics from RYUUSEI. Thanks! Happy new year!

Anonymous>> I'm very good, thank you! Oh my god... you just made my whole year!!!! Giving this AWESOME live audio exactly 7 years after its performance really made my Xmas gift! 'kahogo' from this live is really good! better than Kaitai yoeko show!

I can not thank you both enough! The feedback from this website makes me want to keep it up forever!

I'd love to keep in touch with you guys or any other Yoeko fan! Feel free to email me ^_^

Felipe said...

what a nice song for it to end... i love okujounite!

T said...

I was thinking about translating them into English, although I'll have to ask the original poster for permission first! /o\

By the way, thank you so much for making and maintaining this site! It's been very informative and helpful, especially when I first got into her music :) Keep up the good work! ♥