January 23, 2011

Re-releases application gifts and score book

I've reported one month ago about Yoeko's early releases being re-released and remastered as you can see here. A few days ago Warner Music Japan oficially announced the releases as well as a new Yoeko self-portrait and an extra gift. Each of the 5 releases will have a sticker on the cover saying「リマスタリング音源です〜」 (It's remastered!), all the people who gather all the 5 stickers and send to the given address will receive an "original 5-set pin" of each release, as you can see below:

It does say everyone who send the stickers will get the present, but I'm not sure if they'd send them outside Japan, I hope so...

Also, according to Mr. Konohamoero, the scorebook "Piano Hikigatari Best" will be also re-released, as you can check here. It seems that the book publisher is a big fan of Yoeko Kurahashi and made some efforts for it to be reissued.

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