January 27, 2011

More about remastered releases + Lyrics update

Warner Music Japan has officially announced the campaign on the 5 remastered releases from Yoeko, as well as the actual seal that will be sticked in the CDs, as you can see in the left. The promotion will be available from the release date until 2011.06.30 (the postage date will be checked) and all you have to do is to gather 5 seals, no mather if you bought 2 "omoutsubo" and 3 "fujin'you", it's still 5, since the seal design is the same for all the 5 releases. The envelope has to contain: 1. the 5 seals, 2. your postal code, 3. address, 4. your name and 5. your telephone number in a sheet inside. More information can be checked here. The pins will be sent approx. 2 or 3 weeks after your letter has arrived in their office. I live in Brazil and wanted to make sure if I wouldn't lose the seals (yes, I keep everything that comes in a japanese CD, even the protection plastic and its seals) sending them to Japan and getting nothing in return, so I sent them an email and got this reply:


That basically says they unfortunately WON'T ship it to me because I live in Brazil. And that I could ask a friend of mine in Japan to do so. I should reply back asking him to be friends with me because I have no friends in Japan at all. GRRR.

Also, I've made romaji for these 3 songs:

I'd like to thank Mr. arruu2000 for providing me lyrics to the demo "higurashi ni tsuite", which is indeed very rare!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from korea, and i love Yoeko too!
I'm Yoeko's big fan!! and i surprised this blog. because yoeko is not famous in west...so i'm very glad!!♥
I fall in Yoeko atractive so I became yoeko's fan!
anyway... I know my english very fool.... but I can speak&reading japanese (but not fluent) so maybe I can help you japanese pronounce or anything...
Also I will cheer your bloging everytime~! have a nice day. and I will sometimes come here. my e-mail is julie0523@hanmail.net