October 30, 2011

Densenkyou DVD

Hi!! I think that was the longest time without any updates, but you know what happens when school, work and laziness decide to take a piece of you at the same time! :( I came to announce some minor updates, but I hope I can come back to post something else before you decide to never open this website again (maybe you already did...).

Discography area was updated with Kyoto Tower Densenkyou DVD, something I just knew of the existence some days ago, surfing in some auction website. This is actually a very rare DVD, and I've already posted the "full" Yoeko performance in the Media area a while ago. "Full" because the DVD itself doesn't include the complete Yoeko's performance. You can find more information about it clicking here.

Besides doing some minor updates I already forgot, I'm also trying to get some random lyrics of Yoeko translated into English, with my poor and awkward japanese skills. They should be posted sometime soon in the Extra area, but I can say beforehand they won't be accurate and ask help in advance. If someone wants to help me in that quest, please write me in the Contact Form. :)

There are no news about Yoeko or whatever related to her these days... which is very sad, but that's supposed to happen when someone retires... Some kind soul could at least leak some other unreleased demo, who knows? (倉ヨエデモ集の持つ方へのお願いです( ̄人 ̄))

That's all! Happy Halloween!

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