Hi! Happy new year!! Being busy and the lack of news about Yoeko made me take long to update the website again :( 

SasaNishiKa's debut album "※".
A few weeks ago some rumours spread online on discussion boards like 2ch forums and communities about a voice very similar to Kurahashi's being featured in some tracks of the recently debuted band SasaNishiKa.

The tracks are included in their debut album "" (reference mark), which was released the past December 20th. 

The record's liner notes lists Shinjiro Yamato and machi as guest vocals. Shinjiro Yamato is a Gunma prefecture born vocalist from The Funderfuls band. As for machi, there isn't any kind of information anywhere! I, myself, asked the band's staff for more information about her and they said they are not able to give out details on artists not attached to their record label… :(

Previews for the tracks "machi" is featured can be heard below. ;)

01 wabi-sabi 

02 parade 

08 curtain call 

Could "machi" be a new Yoeko Kurahashi's pseudonym? :3
Is she coming back from retirement?

SasaNishiKa's line-up consists of former Gymnopedie (a japanese jazz band, 2001-2008) members: Ayako Kawasaki (drums), Saori Sasazawa (piano) and Hiroki Nishi (guitar).

The album can be purchased at Studio Leda CD Shop. For international (outside Japan) orders, please use their contact form.

Posted by Felipe (2013/01/30 / 1:12 AM)