August 05, 2010

"kaitai yoeko show" dvd available at CDJapan

This morning I received an email from CDJapan saying my favorite artist has a new release. Yes, the "kaitai yoeko show" made it to CDJapan/Neowing, a new choice for us, customers outside Japan, to have this brilliant DVD release. What is really interesting about it, it's that CDJapan/Neowing wrote a new review about the release, with more details:

2 years from dismantling (kaitai). Due to the many signatures and petitions done, finally the full Yoeko Kurahashi last live will be materialized into a DVD!! The musical selection was made from her famous pieces born from a 8-year career, masterpieces included! Yoeko Kurahashi's new song "jewelry" included in her last album/best "shuugakushou" are included. The song she's said "the first song written for someone" composed after the retirement decision "rondo" is included, and yet the rare songs "jitensha" and "lemon cake" will be included. Compositions from the indies era which are already out of print are there also! The PV proud of 520,000 views on NicoNico Douga/Youtube "yona yona yona" is included. Photos from all the 6 places where "kanshateki kaitai yoeko tour" was held+Yoeko Kurahashi's commentary mini-magazines will be in the booklet.

So, it's the complete concert indeed, in a 2discs DVD with a running time of 160 minutes.

Pre-order outside Japan available at: CDJapan (¥7,619), HMV (¥6,321), (¥5,638)

Although Amazon is the cheapest between them, it carries the most expensive shipping (at least to my place, Brazil). HMV is the cheapest overall for me, but CDJapan has lots of discount coupons campaigns which might be worth it!

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