August 26, 2010

DVD jacket + lyrics and discography update

The "kaitai yoeko show" DVD's art cover was recently published through some webstores, so I did a quick update on its information at Discography! As you can see here. I'm still waiting for the official tracklist to be announced, but as far as we know, it's going to pack the entire setlist as well as the promotional video for "naranai piano", as posted previously. The cover art is pretty simple yet so Yoeko. It brings a self-portrait of Yoeko dressed just like the Kaitai Yoeko tour performances. Now that we are less than one month far from the release date, we are getting more information little by little, and I'll post them here as soon as I got any! Look forward it!

"fujin'you" lyrics
I've added lyrics in romaji for 9 (from 10) tracks on "fujin'you" album. The track "doki no uta" is an instrumental.

08 doki no uta

PS: okaerinasai, as reported out of print in this post, is available again for order at audio-grafico website!! (doesn't ship outside Japan, though..)

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