September 02, 2010

live dvd contents and important notice from BabeStar label

BabeStar label has just released the official contents of the "kaitai yoeko show" DVD as the following:


[DISC 1]
Special Edit
- An edit of the 30-min TV broadcasted program with the highlights on the last live.
- The rehearsal of the last live, done just before the gig.
- "naranai piano" music video.

[DISC 2]
- The full "Kanshateki Kaitai Yoeko Show" compilation, held on Tokyo Kinema Club July 20th, 2008.

Important notice from BabeStar
"At first, there were no plans to make the last live into a video. Kurahashi was truly sorry about that towards her fans. However, thanks to the fans hard work, it was possible to make this into a video after 2 years of wait. Consequently, there are parts on the DVD where the audio doesn't have a good quality or the video is a bit shaking. But still, we wanted the fans to have this item. When buying, please keep the above-mentioned in mind in advance."

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