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The last live DVD was released on Japan already, and a few days before its release, it was announced that a last letter from Yoeko to her fans would be included in the DVD package. Earlier today, the website published a special page about the DVD, with new pictures, videos and an interview with the BabeStar's A&R Kumiko Yamamoto about the reasons why the DVD was released only after 2 years, above is a really rough translation of what is published here.

The website also published video previews for

The label's staff reveals the processes until the release of "Kaitai Yoeko Show"
As a conclusion (of the entire special page) about "Kaitai Yoeko Show", let's see a talk with the BabeStar Label's A&R staff Kumiko Yamamoto.

--Originally, the last live wasn't supposed to be released as a video, right?
Yes, at first we thought a special compilation would be broadcasted at SpaceShower TV only... when the best album was released we announced officially that there wouldn't be a DVD, and we heard from all fans things such "so, why there were cameras on there?". We were very sorry.

--And thanks to the fans petitions and signatures, also to start the commemorative 10th anniversary of Yoeko the DVD got plans to be released, isn't it?
Sure. the staffs thought "it's a good opportunity to get in touch", at that time the production staff was already dissolved, we didn't even have the contact adress of Yoeko (lol). When we finally found it and told her about the petitions, she was like "all these people are working on for me??", she was surprised. And then she said "I wanna watch the last live DVD, too!", and that was enough.

--Were there any problems concerning the release?
Because production staff dissolved at that time, it was hard finding the original video. Afterall, it was a video recorded only by the staffs. And then, the assembly hall was very old, so that, there wasn't a good recording sound either... Back then, we really thought there were no reasons to release this DVD. But the fans were like "Anyway, I want to watch the whole live", so that's how we started the production of it.

--Did Yoeko watch it before?
No, until the progress schedule wasn't finally done (around early September), she hasn't.

--But, she was looking forward it, wasn't she?
Sure. now she's retired from being a musician, but she still has the same spirit, both Yoeko and the fans are going to enjoy it.

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