December 27, 2010

Website changes

Hello! I hope you had a nice Christmas! The year is ending and I wanted to fix something before 2011 comes. Before, if you clicked in a track of a CD from "Discography" page, you'd be redirected to a big page where you could see info about the song you chose and other ones too. This was a bit annoying, because you had to use scroll down to see other songs and so... Also, if you went to "Lyrics" page, you'd find the CD's cover arts with links to pages where all the songs from this CD were hosted, that way you could check lyrics for an entire CD, the bad part is that some songs are repeated in the discography and are in more than one CD, like TATE, which is in TATE single, TADAIMA album, OCHUUGEN album and SHUUGAKUSHOU best album... so I'd had to repeat the same lyrics for the page on TADAIMA, OCHUUGEN and SHUUGAKUSHOU, for example, this is a bit boring too!

So now I made a single page for each song in Yoeko Kurahashi's discography, if you click one song, you'll be redirected to the exclusive page of that song, where you'll be able to find info and lyrics on it, this took a while yes, but was worth it.

I know the setences above sounded a bit too geeky and kinda hard to understand, just keep in mind things will be nicer now when browsing the website :)

Also, I've searched a lot about some unreleased tracks from Yoeko, and I felt I had to talk about them one way or another, in here! So I made a new link to "Demos" that you can find on "Discography" page. Please take a look there, it's very interesting for any Yoeko hard fan, I just wish I had more information about them...

And last but not least: if you've browsed the website a little, you've noticed some information about certain songs are missing and marked with a "?". That means I tried my best, but could not find this info anywhere in the internet and also, that I don't own the CD where this info is provided, that's a shame, I know! I feel really bad about missing this kind of thing, but just can't help it... so I made things easier for people who wants to help this website to be a really big database of Yoeko Kurahashi works!! I did a nice form, that can be found here (provided by Email Me Form™) where you can send me this kind of missing stuff, or a suggestion, or a correction without needing to send me an email! :)

I know this post was kind of boring, but I've wasted almost the whole week doing these updates to make the website look nicer, and just felt like telling you...

Oh, I've noticed Media section is empty since ever, and I plan to make some uploads soon, just look forward it! Thanks for reading.

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